Tips for keeping your home safe

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Security Advice

We hope it never happens to you, but break-ins do happen. Below, we have put together a list of tips to help keep your home secure:

  • Bins and ladders - make sure you keep bins, ladders, or any other helpful objects, away from your home because intruders could use these to help gain access via the first floor.
  • Check before opening your door - it's a great idea to have a spy hole or security chain on your front door so you can check who is there before letting them in.
  • Keep your valuables out of site - keep all of your important possessions out of view of people outside your home. Keeping your valuables in direct view is like advertising them.
  • Do not share your holiday plans on social media - sharing your holiday plans on social media tells people when your home may be vulnerable. 
  • Keep the light on when nobody is home - if you are going to be out for a day, or you're away for the night, consider leaving a light on to create the illusion that someone is home, you can purchase a security light with a timer to come on at certain times. Alternatively, leave the TV or radio on. 
  • Hold your post - going away? Royal Mail offers a 'Keep Safe' service, where they will hold your post for the duration of your holiday (up to 2 months). This would help to avoid a a pile up of mail and newspapers, which can be an indication that you're away.
  • Neighborhood Watch can help you - get to know your neighbours and help each other out.
  • Keep your keys away from the front door - if you keep all house and car keys away from your front door, this will deter people from 'key fishing'.
  • Mark your valuables with a UV pen - if a break in does ever occur, marking your valuables with a UV pen could help recover them.
  • Lock your door! If you're just popping out, or you're out for the day, remember to keep doors and windows locked at all times. 

Important Info

Home insurance providers will often specify that the locks on your house must be British Standard locks (this applies to doors and windows). British Standard locks have been through strict testing to check their strength, durability and security. Make sure you check your home insurance policy, and if this applies do ensure that you have British Standard locks in place.